This set for Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? was George and Martha’s world.  Every element was designed to reinforce the feeling of being trapped in a situation obscured by lies and misdirection.  I wanted audiences to feel suffocated by the environment by giving them too much to look at.  There are hallways, windows and doors but they go nowhere, the house continues as far as the viewer can see.  There are two different environments on each side of the set.  George with his cozy nook surrounded by his books and his regrets and Martha’s, with the fireplace and pictures of her lies and dreams both pulled together in the center by their favorite pastime, alcohol.


Set and Props Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Suzi Regan

The Performance Network


“Within Planet Ant’s small black-box confines Jennifer Maiseloff has created a set which subtly conveys Hannah’s worlds. (Interesting that an agoraphobic has walls filled with paintings of steps and corridors leading to – Where?)”  - Amy J. Parrent,  Encore Michigan

Set and props designer Jennifer Maiseloff also does marvelous work, achieving an impressive sense of place and depth, and letting the home's tasteful details – the painting-packed walls, the lighting sconces, the wallpaper – do the work of creating a space that, for many, would be a refuge, but for George and Martha is the site of an ongoing intellectual, marital cage match.”

--Jenn McKee, MLive