The set for Noises Off calls for a change from backstage to the front of a stage.  The theatre couldn’t physically accommodate a design that would fully rotate the entire set.  In order to compensate for the limitations I designed 3 sections that could be rotated individually to allow the set to transform from backstage to front. I also created original paintings that allowed the audience to see the outdoors from the stage and also the study room and servants quarters.  I had the additional challenge of creating the set to appear as it’s supposed to, a purposefully underdeveloped and poorly designed set.  I used bright colors and a simplistic design as to not draw away from the action of the stage.



Noises Off

Set Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Tobin Hissong

Encore Musical Theatre



The set, by Jennifer Maiseloff, was ambitious and it worked great.
— David Kiley, Encore Michigan