I lived in London for a time and this type of house was everywhere.  The molding, the bay windows and many of the other details were incorporated into giving the audience that old english feel.  The main character is someone that had moved from America to London and was trying to hide her roots.  Her entire house was used to help the character feel more connected to her English persona.  The victorian furniture, the hallway of paintings, each item was selected because the characters proclivity for appearing as someone else.  I strove to give the feel that her life was surrounded by the world that she created for herself even though some cracks appear in the set that give us a peek at her true reality.

The wallpaper, the paintings, the floor, the wood grain, every single detail was painstakingly hand brushed.

The Sisters Rosensweig

Set Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: David Magidson

JET Theatre