The play takes place in Georgia and follows the story of a aggressive civil war reenactor who escalates a series of mean spirited pranks with a newly arrived Detroit couple. I painted the Georgia countryside surrounding the stage to represent the environment of the civil war battlefield as another character in the story. Each scene in the play clips along quickly. I used vertical blinds projected with my paintings of the plays locations to designate the space the characters were in.

Northern Aggression

Set Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Matt Foss

Tipping Point Theatre


“Within Planet Ant’s small black-box confines Jennifer Maiseloff has created a set which subtly conveys Hannah’s worlds. (Interesting that an agoraphobic has walls filled with paintings of steps and corridors leading to – Where?)”  - Amy J. Parrent,  Encore Michigan
[Jen Maiseloff’s set] is quick, clever and seamless.
— Patrice Nolan Encore Michigan