I believe that it’s important for our society to remember stories, and events passed down from those before us.  When entering empty buildings, train stations, churches and synagogues, there is a sense of loitering and trespassing.  Feelings of curiosity about what has come before grows with each turn down every unfamiliar hallway.

My work comes from my upbringing, which was a result of my exposure to the construction of various buildings from an early age, visiting my grandfather, a Detroit building developer.  The excitement of seeing him create something new, that changed an entire community, and then living in a city watching buildings left behind, has given me a profound realism of how things work.

I began drawing and painting at an early age and never stopped, it was as natural as breathing.  I don’t remember a time before I started creating art.  After completing CCS, I worked as a fine artist, worked at the Tangent Gallery in Detroit and had several successful art shows.  While on a vacation in New York, I saw the broadway show Wicked.  Watching the incredible production sparked an Idea which was that, my paintings were scenes and I could create scenes for the stage.  Ever since that day, my work has taken a new focus.  I could create more than two dimensional representations, I could create entire worlds.

When an audience enters a space I’ve created, I want them to be transported into another time and place.  I want the environment on stage to change the way a person thinks.  Theatre is meant to change you.  When an audience member walks into a space which I’ve designed, I love to see them entranced, surprised and excited for what might happen.  To take a person into another universe to affect them and connect them to the transformative power of art more effectively using every dimension possible is my passion.

My style of work revolves around marrying the surreal and realistic allowing the viewer to become part of my designs from the moment they enter the theatre.  My design plays with the unexpected and allows the viewer to feel as much immersion as possible.  I want the experience of the viewer to be profound and memorable.   I want the viewer to feel that they are personally trespassing an abandoned space until the moment the stage lights come up and they can see the stories that inhabit the world before them.