The play was an abstract parody ofthe 80s television program Threes Company. I wanted to give the feel of that tv show with similar elements but still make it my own. I created the color scheme of the apartment to be a cheery rich palette including flower print on the furniture and set dressings that contrasted the dark tone of the storyline.  





Set and Props Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Joe Bailey

The Ringwald Theatre



The unseen star of 3C are scenic and property designer Jennifer Maiseloff, without whom this show would not be such a standout... Maiseloff’s single apartment setting boasts walls painted to resemble stucco. In the kitchen, seen only through a cut-out window, she hangs copper bundt cake pans, and the swinging wood door is the most effective for the farce-like pace of the play. There’s also a wicker bookshelf, plants hanging from the ceilings, and the dinning table’s chairs are covered in authentic floral print vinyl. While the set isn’t a replica of the apartment from “Three’s Company” at all, it sure does evoke the feeling.
— Frank Anthony Polito, Encore Michigan