Creating the set for A Little Night Music I wanted to marry both the realistic and abstract.  In my design the lighting helped make the set more realistic or more surreal based on the need for each scene.  I also wanted the set to have depth and made everything have multiple layers which added to the fluid and poetic feel. It was important to me to be able to see through the various set pieces and always arrive in the base of the set, the vast swedish landscape.   

In having set pieces flown or pushed in live during the show it created a movement that gave the audience an almost ballet like feeling.  I also took a lot of inspiration from the swedish paintings of the time period, Neoclassical art and architecture helped define the look of this set.


A Little Night Music

Set Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Harold Jurkiewicz

Players Guild of Dearborn


Page Award for Outstanding Achievement in Scenic Design