Photograph 51 concerns Rosalind Franklin who was the first to use a camera to find evidence of DNA and eventually died due to the cancer that her search created as a side effect.  I created her lab as a series of photographic fragments that were stitched together in a patchwork illustrating her diminishing grasp of memory.  I used grayscale colors to show the fading memory of the story the characters repeat multiple times.  The photos of DNA were part of the set the entire time, only flipped once revealed they show the evidence as being right in front of her the whole time.  


Photograph 51

Set and Props Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: David Magidson

JET Theatre


“Within Planet Ant’s small black-box confines Jennifer Maiseloff has created a set which subtly conveys Hannah’s worlds. (Interesting that an agoraphobic has walls filled with paintings of steps and corridors leading to – Where?)”  - Amy J. Parrent,  Encore Michigan