In the play, Hand To God, most of the action takes place in the basement classroom of a Lutheran church.  I added children's drawings, cinder block walls and institutional furniture to bring the audience into a world that many might already be familiar with.  During the second act of the play the room transforms into a nightmare version of a church basement by way of the actions of a possessed child.  I utilized scary drawings, crucified dolls and graffiti to bring the true feelings of the possessed character that inhabits the room to life.  The pastor's office was created to be light and empty to contrast the brightness of the classroom and to exemplify the inner life of the troubled pastor.  I wanted the audience to be comfortable with the set as they walked into the theatre to highlight the unexpected transformation that is fully revealed when the lights at the end of the play come down.



Hand to God

Set and Props Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Brandy Jo Plambeck

Ringwald Theatre



The beautiful thrust-stage scenic design by Jennifer Maiseloff captures the right avant-garde ambience while creating an ideal arena for unexpected appearances, assignations and assaults both verbal and physical.

— -Patrice Nolan, Encore Michigan