Failure, A Love Story

Failure, A Love Story was a highly choreographed and movement heavy production. I gave the main setting of the play, A clock repair shop, a sepia toned early 20th century feel. Inspired by silent film of the era I designed set pieces to be removable and changeable to allow the entire span of a characters life to pass and give characters access to props that didn’t appear to be anything more than set decoration at the outset.




Failure, A Love Story

Set and Props Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Directors: Jill Dion and Molly McMahon

The Planet Ant Theatre



... the scenic/prop design by Jennifer Maiseloff (including a thematic clock mural that fills the upstage wall) intermingle to create a rich, magical space in which animals talk, clocks are sentient, and love changes form but proves timeless.
— Patrice Nolan, Encore Michigan