For this show I created a post apocalyptic mall that exists in a future full of self appointed royalty.  I wanted to keep the main elements of the mall including the escalator, the fountain and other recognizable mall items but I distressed them and added the entropic elements that naturally occur as a building ages and begins to fall apart.  The other challenge was adding another element to the design, the element of human influence and change to a lived in building that hasn’t seen maintance for a very long time.  The throne room was padded in layers of aged cardboard giving a hint of an asylum, reflecting the deepening madness of the main character.  I kept the palate very simplistic, using greys and burnt umber in order to make sure that the design didn’t compete with the characters on stage.





Set and Props Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Shawn Handlon

Planet Ant Theatre



The set is one of the more elaborate I’ve seen at Planet Ant and it works perfectly in conveying dystopian decay. Designed by Jennifer Maiseloff, it includes an overhead screen that is used brilliantly for hilarious films and other visual cues at key moments, including a longish opening that sets the scene for the play.
— Tanya Gazdik Encore Michigan