The setting for Appropriate is the estate of a recently deceased patriarch of a geographically dispersed family. The home is in a state of decay and full of family relics and junk. I styled it based on a plantation style home but with added rot and unkempt sadness. The space of the theatre is a traditional black box which made the heavy action of the play difficult to portray while maintaining the feeling of being surrounded by a collection of disused things. I used the length of the space to create a visually kinetic effect and stacked every available area with the clutter of the families life while balancing it’s availability of use for physical conflict.



Set Designer: Jennifer Maiseloff

Director: Joe Bailey

Planet Ant Theatre


“Within Planet Ant’s small black-box confines Jennifer Maiseloff has created a set which subtly conveys Hannah’s worlds. (Interesting that an agoraphobic has walls filled with paintings of steps and corridors leading to – Where?)”  - Amy J. Parrent,  Encore Michigan
Well deserved credit, too, goes to Jennifer Maiseloff’s set, which perfectly captures the detail of a crumbling 19th century house in modern times, right down to the details of the hoarding of the late patriarch.
— David Kiley Encore Michigan